ANSI B16.5 Pipe Flanges



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Field Industries is your premier vendor when you need industrial metal materials and field service supplies. When you need to buy ANSI flanges, metal weld fittings, pipe, tubing and other products, we offer one-stop-shopping and quick, consolidated shipping. We don’t want to be just your ANSI flanges supplier, we want to be the only supplier you ever need and the first place you turn with your orders.

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Why Using Field Industries for Your ANSI Flanges Distributor Makes Sense Field Industries has become one of the nation’s leading industrial materials suppliers and is one of the fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list. That’s not by accident. We dedicate ourselves to giving our customers the individual attention they need to smooth out their supply chain and lower their cost of ownership. When you come to Field to buy ANSI flanges and other industrial metal supplies, you get: Access to a massive, in-stock inventory of copper, steel, nickel and alloy materials Transparent pricing and accurate quotes so that there are no surprises Under 24-hour, consolidated shipping that saves you money A well-trained customer service team that’s focused on meeting your needs A true partnership that values your business and looks out for your interests Yes, we have industrial ANSI flanges for sale, but we have much, much more. Plus, we offer unparalleled pricing and service that will help you improve your bottom line. When you’re happy, we’re happy. Call Now to Find the Only ANSI Flanges Supplier You’ll Ever Need If you’re sick of running into delays, tracking down the best prices on your materials and dealing with complicated supply chain issues, why not let Field Industries handle the whole process? You can reach us online or reach us at 832-736-1839 for immediate assistance. We’re ready to help and waiting on your call.