Industrial Fasteners

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The key to a fast, efficient and inexpensive supply chain is an effective partnership with your supplier. Field Industries wants to be that partner. You can buy industrial fasteners, along with all the other metal and alloy field service supplies necessary to keep you in action. Our consolidated, streamlined process allows us to offer under 24-hour shipping for your supplies at a lower cost than you’re likely to find anywhere else.

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Why Choosing Us for Your Industrial Fasteners Supplier Makes Sense

In your industry, you aren’t just looking to buy industrial fasteners or stud nuts for sale: You need a supplier who can provide a comprehensive array of field industry products in steel, copper, nickel and alloy metals without delays.

Field Industries didn’t make the Inc. 5000 list of most successful companies in the United States by accident. We work hard to get your business and keep it by:

  • Maintaining an extensive inventory of pipe, flanges, fittings, heads, plate, and other metal products that our clients need for on-demand shipping.
  • Offering convenient online ordering and coordinated shipping that makes it easier to obtain what you need, when you need it.
  • Working with our clients to continuously improve communications, anticipate their needs, improve our customer service, and simplify the supply chain.

When your business thrives, our business thrives, so we’re dedicated to helping you reduce your total cost of ownership wherever possible. We want to be the only industrial fasteners supplier you ever need.

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If you’ve been looking for a construction fasteners distributor look no further: Give us a call today at 832-736-1839. Our dedicated customer service representatives are waiting to get started. Give us the opportunity to show you just how easy it can be to obtain your field industry supplies at a reasonable price.